Automated Drone Battery Exchange

Remote Drone Battery Charging

A company called Asylon is hoping to change the way that autonomous and manned drone missions take place by creating a system for automatic battery exchange. Drones can fly to one of their stations and automatically have their battery changed with a fresh one. Then, while the drone is flying the new battery, the old one is being recharged for later use. It’s a pretty cool idea and a very amazing bit of technical engineering. The Asylon team consists of several MIT graduates who are heavily into drones and aerospace engineering.

Asylon’s CEO Damon Henry, spent several years working in the aerospace industry before starting their company. After several years in the industry, the group saw a gap that they could fix. “We realized that there were dozens of drone platforms, but not much on the infrastructure side,” says Henry. “We wanted to get into solving the infrastructure problems.”

To learn more about Asylon, check out their web site:

You can also check out a video of their flagship product in action here:

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