GoPro Announces Updates On Karma Drone

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Gopro Karma

As we all know, the GoPro Karma was recalled last fall due to issues with it’s reliability and it’s sometimes falling out of the sky. GoPro has recently announced that the issue has been resolved. The issue had to do with the battery’s placement causing the drone to instantly shut down and drop like a rock from the sky. Following the struggle of the public relations nightmare this caused, GoPro has come back to the table with a promise that the issue has been corrected and that the Karma will be available again soon.

GoPro has also announced on it’s web site the GoPro Karma Core, which can be used to replace crashed drones. This means a savings to the consumer because they won’t have to buy an entirely new set in case they crash the Karma. The GoPro Karma Core will cost $399.

To learn more, check out this article below.

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