Walmart Using Drones To Check Warehouse Inventory

Walmart Delivery Drone

When most people think of drones used in retail applications, they think of how drones can help move or deliver items to the customer. However, Walmart, the world’s largest brick and mortar retailer, is thinking of a different way to use drones. The idea is that drones will fly autonomously through their massive warehouses taking pictures of inventory on the shelves. Then, using inventory tracking software, the drones will identify anything that is not in the right place and alert a human to come and move it. This is important because having inventory in the wrong place can slow down operations and cost the company millions of dollars over time. So far using the drones for this activity has proven much more efficient than the old way. Drones can check in one day the number of shelves it would take months for a human to check. That’s true effeciency!

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