Five Things That 2017 Will Bring For Drones

Drones at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is over and many people were very excited about the announcements that were made regarding drone technology in 2017. There were some big announcements and here are 5 that seemed to stand out.
First, the selfie drone market is not going away. This category seems to be on the rise.
Second, we could actually see a drone that will carry people like a taxi.
Third, DJI will continue to push to be the leader – not only in the consumer, but also the industrial drone market.
Fourth, modularity is the name of the game in the drone market and will be even more so in 2017.
Fifth and finally, GoPro is still planning to be in the drone market in 2017.

For more details about these developments in the drone market, check out this article.

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