Kodak SP360 is an Amazing 360 Action Camera

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Kodak SP360

Recently we have seen GoPro fall from its high place as the king of action cameras. While we still believe that GoPro has some fight left in them and will rebound, this fall has opened the market to many new and old camera makers to compete with some amazing hardware and software. Kodak, who was also considered the king of cameras at one time, has come out with an amazing line of 360 degree action cameras that are targeted directly at the action sports photo and video crowd! The Kodak SP360 action camera is designed to be mounted on just about anything (similar to a GoPro) and delivers amazing 360 footage that can be shared across multiple social media platforms. Of course this means that it can be mounted onto your drone for really cool looking footage!

Check out this product link to learn more about what Kodak is doing with 360 action cameras!

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