Four Key Things About the FAA’s Drone Rules

drone laws

As anyone who flies drones professionally or as a hobby knows, the FAA has been somewhat slow to define the rules around drones and give guidance to the millions of hobbyists who currently enjoy the sport of drone flying. That said, this June the FAA released new guidance that should help to clear up some of the confusion about what the rules will be going forward. The four main takeaways from these rules are as follows.

  1. Privacy is a concern, but most privacy laws are being addressed at the state and local level.
  2. Flying over private property is a gray area but is generally OK as long as the drone is not being reckless or invading the privacy of the property owner.
  3. Under Part 107 (the new drone laws) there is not an insurance requirement for drone operators…although having liability insurance for your drone is probably a good idea.
  4. The FAA has specifically said that delivery drones will follow a different set of rules and they have specifically left the airspace between 400 – 500 feet open to delivery.

To learn more about the FAAs rules, click here.

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