Drones are the Unexpected Tech of Today

Check out this article featuring an interview with the drone company Parrot’s CEO Henri Seydoux. Mr. Seydoux was formerly a journalist and has brought his journalistic perspective to the world of technology and flying UAVs in particular. According to Seydoux, whose company makes the Parrot BeBop and the recently announced Parrot Disco drones, “The drone is one of the unexpected things ...

Parrot Disco – Fixed Wing Fun

The French company Parrot has been in the drone business for quite a while. And while the BeBop has been popular in the quadcopter arena, the recent announcement of their fixed wing drone, the Disco is proving to be very interesting. The Disco is fairly large at 45″ wide and 22″ deep, but despite its size, it is relatively light weight. The two biggest things that quadcopter pilots wil...

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