Drones Used for Basketball Dunk Contest

When you think of flying drones, you probably don’t think of dunking basketballs! But just a few days after Intel powered drones to fly in the Super Bowl half time show, they were flexing their drone muscles again at a the Verizon Slam Dunk contents which is part part of the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. Intel’s drones had a claw attached to the bottom to hold th...

Intel Brought 300 Drones To The Super Bowl

In case you missed the amazing performance by Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl, you should definitely check it out on Youtube. And more interestingly, watch the 300 drones that Intel provided as a part of the program. Truly amazing! For more:

Intel Breaks World Record With 500 Drones

Yesterday we published an article about how Walt Disney World is using drones as “digital fireworks” in the sky. Today we have a great follow up to that article with this news about Intel using 500 drones, piloted by one person, to break a world record and prove that drones can make a beautiful spectacle in the air. Intel announced their second branded drone, the Intel Shooting Star, b...

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