Why a New-School Drone Maker Bought an Old-School Camera Maker

Many people don’t know that DJI recently acquired a significant share of the Swedish camera company, Hasselblad. This acquisition may seem strange on the surface, but it seems to point toward DJI going after a higher end market for high budget film production. It also opens the door to allow DJI to build lightweight, medium-format cameras that would be very effective for surveying, detailed ...

DJI Offers Medium Format Camera on M600

DJI, the world leader in consumer drone technology, has bought a share of medium format camera manufacturer Hasselblad. And while we don’t expect to see medium format cameras on the consumer models that DJI makes any time soon, they are offering a high end (around $10,000 USD) combination drone, gimbal and medium format camera on the DJI M600. The DJI M600 features DJI’s A3 flight controller...

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