flying circus

Amazing Choreography As Drones Interact With Humans

Generally drone pilots fly drones meaning that they push levers and give commands and the drones follow. But some groups are turning that model on its head by making drones interact with humans in a much more interesting way. Using cutting edge localization technology and algorithms, a troupe of eight flying machines has been performing in a Cirque du Soleil Broadway show called Paramour. The dron...

The Flying Circus FPV Festival in Covington, Virginia

The Flying Circus FPV Festival is taking place in Covington, Virginia. This festival is open to the public and features FPV racing for both quadcopters and radio control airplanes. The area features waterfalls, a tunnel bridge and an underground mine which will be utilized as part of the racing terrain. This is a qualifying event for both Drone Nationals and MultiGP Nationals. This event is a uniq...

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