360 Camera

Kodak SP360 is an Amazing 360 Action Camera

Recently we have seen GoPro fall from its high place as the king of action cameras. While we still believe that GoPro has some fight left in them and will rebound, this fall has opened the market to many new and old camera makers to compete with some amazing hardware and software. Kodak, who was also considered the king of cameras at one time, has come out with an amazing line of 360 degree action...

New Mount Lets Solo Shoot 4K VR Video

For 3D Robotics Solo pilots who want to shoot immersive VR video from the air, JK Imaging Ltd., the worldwide licensee for Kodak Pixpro Digital Cameras and Devices, announces a new SP360 4K accessory pack, featuring a made for Solo Dual Camera Drone Mount. This mount will allow Solo pilots to shoot full 360 virtual reality video from the air using their Solo as the platform. To experience full sph...

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