Mini drones

FAA Will Have More Lenient Rules for Micro Drones

After the United States Federal Aviation Administration released it’s new guidelines in late June, a new set of rules is expected to follow soon. This set of rules would apply to “micro” drones that are flown for sport and hobby. These drones would have to meet certain requirements, but would be able to fly with fewer rules than their larger and often more high tech brothers. htt...

The Whirlwind X251 is a Good Quality, Brushless Motor Quadcopter

Looking for a fun, fast and relatively inexpensive brushless motor quadcopter? Then definitely check out the Whirlwind X251 from XK Hobbies! This drone is well built with a carbon fiber frame, has 6 axis gyros for stability, brushless motors for speed and power, as well as three different flight modes that allow you to fly as tamely or aggressively as you want. Unlike the smaller toy drones that f...

Game of Drones – Drones Battle It Out

Drone racing is a fun and exciting sport. But if you want to check out some really wild action, you’ve got to see drone combat, also known as “Game of Drones”. In this game the drones are piloted to collide in mid are repeatedly. Each time a drone hits the ground they lose a point. After you lose 3 points, you are out. If a drone is unable to fly after a crash, the pilot is given...

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