Why DJI Is Leading The Consumer Drone Market

DJI Phantom Drones

Everyone knows that DJI is the world leader in the consumer drone market, but what many many not realize is that their two biggest competitors, Yuneec and Parrot, have less than 5% of the total market share…combined! That means that DJI is set to be the hands down winner this holiday seasons with sales of its Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Professional and wildly popular DJI Mavic Pro. There are a variety of reasons that DJI has been so successful. One big reason is their geographical proximity to many of their major parts suppliers and product distributors. Another big reason is the Shenzhen, where they are located, climate for electronics manufacturing. Shenzhen holds some of the world’s top talent and lowest costs because all the major component manufacturers are there.

To read more about how DJI came to be the dominant player in the market, check out this article.

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