Alphabet Looks To Build System For Drone Traffic

Alphabet Drone System

Alphabet, but parent company of Google, is looking to design and create an air traffic control system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) also know as drones. Unlike Amazon, who is focusing on efficient delivery of packages using drone technology, Alphabet is working to create a foundation for future unmanned air traffic in public airspace to follow.  They are calling this “Project Wing”.

According to David Vos, the project director at Alphabet:  “We think the airspace side of this picture is really not a place where any one entity or any one organization can think of taking charge. The idea being that it’s not ‘Google is going to go out and build a solution and everyone else has to subscribe to it.’ The idea really is anyone should be free to build a solution.”

Vos said last fall that he expects a commercial drone program to be up and running by 2017.

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