3D Printed FPV Racer

FPV racing drones
3D Printed FPV Drone

While FPV drone racing continues to grow in popularity, many find the off-the-shelf designed quadcopters bulky and expensive. 3D print designer Ben Pickard has come up with an alternative: a free 3D print design that produces an amazingly strong and agile FPV racing drone that is fairly easy to assemble. The drone is called the “Fiber Fighter” because certain components of it are made with with Fiber Force carbon fiber filament, ensuring its strength and quality. Having gone through several tests flights and trials, the drone has been proven to withstand collisions and maintain steady, controlled flight.

The Fiber Fighter is small, lightweight and comes with a unique design that includes opposite facing (2 up, 2 down) propellers. To learn more about the Fiber Fighter, click here.

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