Drones Used in Training and Understanding Falcons

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Drones Used in Training and Understanding Falcons

Peter Bergh, a South African falconer, is using radio controlled airplanes and drones to train his birds and demonstrate his sport to the public. Bergh is earned the trust of other falconers in Dubai and is one of a few foreigners who is allowed to train the peregrine falcons in the area.

Using specially-modified quad copters painted to look like the prey the falcons chase, Bergh teaches the falcons to hunt precisely by making the birds snatch feathery quail meat that is connected via string to the drones. Bergh has also teamed up with drone racers to create bullet-shaped cameras and super-fast aircraft to give guests attending his tours a close up view of the falcon on the hunt.

“Over the years we´ve progressively changed the cameras, gone smaller, adapted and modified aero planes to fit these cameras, and some of the footage we´re achieving is radical and we can now put ourselves in the prey´s perspective,” Bergh said. He also acknowledges that the experience he creates could not be achieved without the help of drone technology.

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