Phantom 4 Pro

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Better than I imagined!

User Rating: 10

I’ve been flying for Ariel photography for some years, I had thought the Phantom 4  had a decent camera, not excellent but not bad either. The same with the Mavic. However when I received the Phantom 4 PRO I couldn’t believe the difference! There’s no words to describe how much better the Phantom 4 Pro is compared to DJI’s other products in the Phantom line  including the Mavic Pro! And it’s a dream to fly either total manual or preprogrammed flights, the photos and videos are so clear and vivid that I’m still amazed at the quality! DJI has my loyalty because I haven’t seen any other company that even comes close to the ease of control and the quality of the camera’s so far no one comes close! So far I have a, P3P, P4P, P4P, and a Mavic Pro. And keeping an eye out for a Phantom 5, ETC……….

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