Spin Masters

Air Hogs Announces a Small Racing Drone

If you have ever flown any of Spin Masters “Air Hogs” radio control products you know the thrill of flying a RC toy for the first time. Well now, Air Hogs has announced it’s first line of radio controlled racing drones called the Helix series. The Helix series concentrates on small form factor drones that are designed to get new racers interested in the sport. With a small form f...

Star Trek Enterprise Quadcopter

Spin Master, the toy company that makes the Air Hogs series of toy airplanes, recently announced that it will release a quadcopter replica of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek this fall. The quadcopter will be released in time for the 50 year anniversary of the legendary science fiction franchise. The design of the toy is quite detailed and it promises to appeal to Star Trek fans and drone nerds a...

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