Security Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are Crashing Drones

Security Researchers from Johns Hopkins University are interested in learning what security flaws off the shelf consumer drones, like the DJI Phantom 3, have and how they can be exploited. In their research, they have crashed many drones and learned a few key ways to exploit holes in the connection between the drone and its remote control. First, they were able to cause the drone to crash by sendi...

3DR Announces Major Software Updates for Solo

  3DR’s new release, as of April 2016, introduces a ton of new features and “Smart Shots” to its flagship drone, Solo. In addition to the existing Cable Cam, Orbit, and Follow, 3DR has released updates to its software that include augmented reality, interactive scene awareness, and new Smart Shots. The augmented reality gives you a kind of “heads up” display that overlays animations on top of...

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