Facebook Drone Crashes On Landing

Facebook has been developing its autonomous Aquila drone as a way to provide internet coverage to areas that otherwise can’t get a good connection. The Aquila drone is a fixed wing aircraft with a wingspan larger than a Boeing 747. In a recent test flight, the engineers kept the craft in the air for over 90 minutes, which is three times longer than they had originally planned to fly it. Whil...

Nerf Dart Battle Documented from a Drone

If you as nerdy as my friends and I, then you probably enjoy a good Nerf dart battle now and then. This group of Nerf enthusiasts takes their battle to a new level by capturing the whole thing on video. They not only recorded it, but live streamed it using Facebook’s new streaming capabilities.  The video had a drone pilot following the action as it takes place and commenting on how the batt...

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