Will DJI Phantom 4 Batteries Work In The Phantom 4 Pro?

If you own a DJI Phantom 4, then you have probably invested some money in spare parts like propellers and batteries. And just like many other technology products, an upgrade to the latest version, say the DJI Phantom 4 Professional, means that you have to buy all new parts and accessories. We were wondering the same thing, so we did a quick experiment to see if the DJI Phantom 4 batteries and prop...

How Much Do You Know About LiPos?

Lithium Polymer batteries, or LiPos, are fairly new technology. They are what allow us to fly such amazing unmanned aerial vehicles around the skies so easily. They are light weight, powerful, and safe if handled properly. If you are going to be a drone pilot or any other sort of radio control enthusiast, it is probably a good idea to learn about LiPo batteries. Why are there different voltages? W...

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