Inside the DJI Drone Arena

DJI Drone Arena

A few months back, we reported that DJI was opening a drone arena in South Korea to host drone flying, education and racing events. Now that the arena has been open for a few months, we thought we’d check back to see what it’s like flying inside this amazing place. They have designed the arena to be very friendly to experts and beginners alike. There are bright LEDs around all of the obstacles on the course that help keep pilots on track as they fly. There are dedicated repair and maintenance rooms for fixing crashed drones. And, of course, there are many opportunities for the audience to see live first-person views of the racers as they zoom around the track. Let’s hope that these places are not limited to Asia, but begin opening in the rest of the world as well!

To read more about what it’s like to fly at this drone arena, check out this article.

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