Five Skills Every Pilot Should Learn

Beginner Drone Skills

If you are new to flying drones or trying to teach someone else, there are some basics you should concentrate on before move on to more advanced techniques. These basic flying skills will help you master flight without GPS and without using “headless mode” and make you the best pilot you can be. These techniques are:

  1. Take Off and Landing – Learn to do this constantly without “bouncing”
  2. Hovering – Practice “tail in” and then “nose in” hovering without GPS
  3. Right, Left, Front, Back – Learn to fly in a cross shaped pattern without using yaw
  4. 360 Yaw – Practice your yaw and keeping the aircraft in one place as you rotate
  5. Full Circle – Learn to fly a circle using both the right and left stick together

In this video, I teach a complete drone noob each of these techniques and demonstrate how you can use them to become a much better pilot!

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