3D Print a Cargo Attachment For Your DJI Phantom

DJI Drop Maze

We have all heard about Amazon and Wal Mart’s plans to use drones to deliver goods and packages right to their customers’ front doors. But the prospect of actually attaching a package to your drone is not as easy as it sounds. Sure you could tie something to the landing skids. Or bungee cord it around the airframe to make sure that it doesn’t come off in flight. But how would you drop it once you have reached your desired destination? The mechanics of that are somewhat tricky. To solve this problem, check out the “DJI Phantom Drop Maze”, a 3D printed attachment of your Phantom’s legs that relies solely on gravity and inertia to release your package.

Check out this page with links to see how it works and download the 3D print files to create your own DJI Drop Maze!

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